HR 2018 Series- Your Employment Life Cycle-Session 3

Workshop Series

Your Employee Life Cycle

Presented by

Amanda King

A Representative from Stock &  Leader

This session is ideal for supervisors, company leadership, 
and HR professionals.

Picture this .... 

a supervisor hears an employee bragging he has a medical marijuana card and suspects he is impaired at work. 

“We need to fire him!” exclaims the supervisor. What’s a company to do?! 

Workshop Overview -Session 3

A leading attorney from the staff of Stock & Leader joins our July edition of our popular Summer Series on 'The Employee Life Cycle.'

Senior HR Partner Amanda King works with a representative from Stock & Leader, recognized as a leading HR law firm headquartered in York, PA, in a role play interactive advice session.
Stock & Leader will walk the audience through the complex conversation about:
  • suspicious drug use in the workplace
  • how OSHA wants you to handle this situation
  • how the ADA impacts your actions
  • hear examples of critical conversations you need to have between supervisors, employees, HR, and legal.

Every participant will be guided through scenarios, get HR and legal advice, tips on communications and walk away with a guide to the complexities of these issues. 

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All sessions will start at 7:30 with breakfast

Workshop Session begin at 8 am

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  1. Session 1- May 16
  2. Session 2- June 20
  3. Session 3- July 18
  4. Session 4- August 15

*HRCI & SHRM Credits* 

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Date: 7/18
Times: 7:30 am -10:00 am
Location: 320 Busser Rd, 2nd floor Emigsville PA
Cost (member): See Details
Cost (non-member): See Details

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