Supervisory Fundamentals- IV

Supervisory Fundamentals- IV:   Finding Solutions for Everyday Process Problems

This 15 hour course involves five areas of understanding which will permeate all five sessions. All companies have unnecessary costs that can decrease internal and external customer satisfaction that in turn can decrease the profitability of the business and job security. Some of these unnecessary costs are scrap, rework, low/under production output, unplanned downtime, material deficiencies, customer complaints, warranty issues, etc.

 Topics include: 

  • Understanding the basics of critical thinking,
  • the value and use of numbers, 
  • how bias, prejudices and perceptions can hinder or help solve problems, 
  • the use of Problem Solving Tools and Techniques,  
  • the application of Knowledge to Process Problems (Case studies) 

Session Details:

5, friday sessions, from 9:00 am-12:000 pm

Since 2000, these four courses in supervisory development have had over 800 enrollees from over 140 local and regional businesses. The Supervisory Certificate Program is designed to address the needs of supervisory personnel, both newly appointed supervisors and those in need of a structured training program to enhance their supervisory skills. 

 Taken in its entirety, the Certificate Program offers a broad coverage in the basic foundation principles of supervision, and addresses specific practical skills in such areas as described below in the Core Course Descriptions. This program offers the flexibility of selecting short elective courses for a wide variety of exposure and seminars for topics which may be new or emerging. 

To complete the Supervisory Certificate Program a person needs to complete 4 core classes and 2 short electives. 

Participation in classes below is not limited to enrollment in the 

Supervisory Certificate Program. 

This class is also available for delivery on site 

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Date: 4/6 - 5/4/18
Sessions: 5
Times: 9 - 12
Location: MA Office- York PA
Cost (member): $280
Cost (non-member): $480

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